What is all the fuss about?

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They are only dogs, after all. I see people looking at me with the expression: ‘you should really find a better cause, there is so much pain and injustice in the world’. I volunteer for and support animal charities because I get on better with animals than with many people, because they have very little choice and can’t help themselves, because it’s usually people who cause pain and because, as Jeremy Bentham, the father of utilitarianism said: ‘The question is not, Can they reason? nor Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?’

Any change to make the world slightly better is to be celebrated, not frowned upon. So, before we criticise someone else’s choices it’s good to ask ourselves: ‘what have I done to justify my existence?’. I can’t save the world, eradicate poverty, stop all the wars or find cure for cancer. So don’t judge me too harshly when I just go on quietly helping one broken dog at a time.008


17 thoughts on “What is all the fuss about?

  1. I think that God gave each of us a heart for different “causes” so they would all have support. Just imagine if the only charity in the world was “nothing but nets.” Yes, the malaria epidemic would probably be stopped, but nothing would be done about poverty, or cancer, or hunger, or any of a million other causes. Taking care of helpless animals is a gift and important. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

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  2. That last paragraph is one of the most well written statements I have ever read. Keep doing what you’re doing, and let the haters continue on with their ugly lives.

    Great blog, can’t wait to read more.

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  3. I agree.
    We are having a epidemic of stolen dogs. And dogs taken from someones yard and dumped who knkws where. And some get mad at their neighbors dog and dump them.
    Some are people who say they found a dog so they can act like they search for them, to get a reward.
    Some fight dogs. And it doesn’t matter about the breed. They will fight ANY dog and the ones that do not fight are called “bait” dogs.
    It makes me sick. It really does.
    Look on craigslist in the lost and found. You might be shocked to see how many are actually missing. I was.
    But I’m not shocked anymore. I am more mad at ugly people that can do this to defenseless animals.

    You are doing a good deed here. Thank you for that. And I am sure the dog appreciates it too.

    I wish someone would come up with the idea of having a GPS in a dog , small like the microchip. Then a person would know exactly where their dog was.

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    1. there are GPS devices for dogs (PawTrax, Garmin, Tractive and many others), the problem is, we don’t really need ultra modern technology, we need responsible owners. Fortunately here, in the UK from 6th April this year ALL DOGS have to be microchipped- that should help tracking the owner and limit the number of abandoned dogs. I used to work for a charity dealing with dog fights (preventing, notyfing the police, suing the owners, physically stopping fights, taking away dogs and so on). I will never forget it, I guess it determined my choice to help ‘broken’ dogs.


      1. Thanks, I did not know they had those.
        Our female dog is a Houdini. …she will find a place to get out if she can.
        BUT. ..she wont now and he is a follower.
        We wired the fence up hot. They usually use that for horses. I used to have them here, I told him lets rewire for them.
        I’ve touched it And it will zap you and get your attention. They both have already got zapped. My dog sounds like hes dying…..poor puppy. But she does not even make a peep, but she will quickly leave the area. And I am training them on the fence words.
        Hopefully they will not get out again.
        My husband left it open and I ripped into him good. I think hes starting to forget things. Either that or its selective forgetfulness. …o_O
        Dogs don’t want to go out much anymore. But I go out with them to show its ok…just not at the fence.
        I hate dogfighters. Makes me wanna do mean things to idiots like that.


      2. Here, they ( dog fighters ) will actually go to a persons yard and take them. Looks like that in a lot of the states here.
        Bad people doing bad things.


  4. And most people think we are stupid to actually love a animal like this.
    These animals are like children to most. I know mine is. Yet, many people do not get it.
    People like that are best ignored in my book.
    And yes, I think I prefer animals more than people.
    They love you unconditionally.

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    1. I get a lot of support, too πŸ™‚ I guess people are unnecessarily critical when there’s something wrong with their lives, it’s a way to vent their anger, the frustration with things that haven’t quite worked out for them. Some comments hurt, but they only hurt when I let them, it’s actually my choice to feel offended or not πŸ˜‰ Fortunately, my dogs have helped me make friends with so many people I find it easier to cope with the self declared dog-haters.

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  5. What I find hypocritical about those kind of people’s comments is that they don’t even help anyone other themselves! We’re just trying to help other beings that we share this planet with. Nothing wrong with that!

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  6. Keep doing what you are doing! I think that people who say things like this are full of negativity and self loathing! It’s hard to find a cause to be deeply and truly passionate about. Your cause IS a very important one! πŸ™‚
    I’m also glad that I came across your blog because I love it!

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