“When we are happy, we are always good, but when we are good, we are not always happy.” Oscar Wilde

I need my morning walks to clear my head, to get ready for challenges of the day, to become aware there’s more to life than success defined in terms of money and power. When I feel down I smell my dogs. I bury my head in them, close my eyes and just wait. The peace and bliss comes every time. My living, breathing, full of energy anti-depressants. I don’t judge people because I’m not being judged. I don’t expect anything because nothing is expected from me, I smile because I feel loved.

I need to feel happy to be good and I need to feel happy to survive. I see people who are frustrated and try to make everyone else miserable and I feel sorry for them. It doesn’t matter how much they try to hurt others. They hurt more inside and their bitterness is a plea for help.IMG_0046.JPG

I can’t control what happens around me, but because of my troubled dogs I am learning how to control my reactions to it. How I feel is up to me. So, I take my dogs for a walk and I care less. I smile and walk and appreciate the happiness they fill me with now as I know it will carry me through the day smoothly.


4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. So agree with your middle para. I tried for years to get that message across at work, that when customers were rude or aggressive it usually wasn’t personal and the recipient could choose not to accept their anger. So hard not to take it personally though, and to avoid feeling shaken. There were many people whose skin I would not have liked to live in and felt sorry for their obvious hurt. I would hate to be angry all the time, so exhausting.

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    1. It’s hard to remember sometimes that someone else’s frustration makes him react aggressively to you! I have to repeat to myself at times : ‘he must be very unhappy’. Well, it’s hard sometimes as I’m impulsive, hyperactive and highly emotional 🙂 Without my dogs (all of them, not only Lily and Ardbeg) I would have ended up in prison for assault! They really help me more than I help them 🙂

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