Food, glorious (and controversial) food…



FIRST THINGS FIRST (for anyone who needs reminding) :dangerous food

poster courtesy of Lily Chin (many more wonderful posters there)

If you want your dog to stay healthy follow a diet recommended by your vet. Find a vet you trust first. Your dog is unique, even food good for other dogs might not be best for her.

Five main reasons why a dog shouldn’t follow their owner’s diet:

1.people eat highly processed food, as far from nature as Trump from reason

2.people follow fad diets, they are easily manipulated by the media and celebrities

3.people can thrive on a vegan diet

4.people can’t control their sugar intake (and brush their teeth more often)

5.people believe popping a pill solves their nutritional imbalance problems

A healthy dog has shiny coat, clean teeth, lots of energy and lives longer. We are often emotional eaters, obesity and heart problems reflect our difficulty in coping with food. Before you mess up with your dog’s diet talk to an expert (independent vet or nutritionist, not someone paid to sell a particular brand)


15 thoughts on “Food, glorious (and controversial) food…

  1. Good post. I have some of those pictures around somewhere. As far as mushrooms, there are a few they can eat. Ever read mericola’s site? ( think I just spelled that wrong…..) but they have a ton of info on there and she sells some mushroom stuff for dogs.

    As far as our food and their food, you would be surprised what kind of meat they actually use…. a lot is stuff we wouldnt eat.
    If a person EATS a normal good diet, it should be okay. But no junk foods or sugars.
    Ours eat a cross mix of blue wilderness dry and their canned stuff added. Half and half.
    I read where the dry dog food can actually expand in their stomachs ( not good if a person gives them a lot of the dry. ) it will expand because of the moisture in them.
    I have a phrase I was taught by someone…” Logic, everything is logic.”
    But sadly many don’t think logically much anymore.
    Anyway, loved your post! And thank you for reading mine.

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    1. it’s worrying how far human diet is from ‘healthy’ , we’ve got so many issues with our own food I don’t think we should punish anyone else with what most of us call ‘food’ πŸ™‚ Using dry food for dogs we should follow the guidance on how much to give them (when you put some of the kibble in water you can easily see the expansion you mention). And yes, some fungi are ok for dogs, but -as in any case- if not sure: avoid as the mistake can be fatal…

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  2. Oh, I forgot to add something.
    Our vet tells us to gi e them.aspirin if they are hurt from running around on our land. I really don’t like giving it to them. If I did, it would be a low dose.
    And definitely not tylenol or ibuprofen. ..they hurt even people.
    I notice every vet seems to carry science diet. On a list of dog foods, they weren’t up there in a good range. ( I think some vets are like doctors and the pill pushers..gotta get some kickbacks )
    And I noticed they carry a lot of pharma drugs, which I hate. Unless it’s a emergency and you don’t have much of a choice.
    I would prefer a vet to be more on the natural side of things. Some are.
    I am working on a EO ( essential oil ) type mix for ticks and fleas. So far, it has worked. Good thing, It doesn’t hurt anyone and it has even worked for my husband. I really hate spraying the “other” poisons on me.

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    1. Sadly, even vets can be driven by profit over the wellbeing of the animal. Fortunately, not all. I think it’s vital to find a vet you can trust and stick to them πŸ™‚ I would never question my vet’s decisions, though I do tend to torture him with queries and always tell him about my doubts. But they are medically trained, if they care and follow the newest researches, they really know better.


      1. Seems like many people have the same disease. It Is called “greed.”
        Our vets were one of the best around here. Then they decided to add on and expand. $$$$$
        We had these vets for years and they supposedly knew our dogs. They would call them by name.
        BUT…when our dogs were taken, we went to all the vets just in case they saw them.
        We asked if we could put up our flyers for our missing dogs. Ok. They let us. But when we came back, they had taken them down.
        So much for our loyal vets….it pissed me off. And I asked why they did that. They just looked stupid and had no answer.
        Another vet already had the info up on their bulletin board. It’s kind of like a Amber alert, only for dogs.
        Wow, and they cared. Our vet didn’t.
        Guess they don’t need our money anymore.

        I wish I could move far away…from people.
        And just have a acre or two. And a rv maybe to live in.
        I just want peace and quiet away from all the craziness.
        With my dog and grow a garden.
        Why is that so hard to find anymore?????

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      2. I’m sorry it happened to you. I think vets should understand that dog owners exchange information (especially now with all the social media) and word-of-mouth advertising is better than anything money can buy. It’s worrying that so many practices are impersonal and focused on making profit fast. Well, we vote with our money and fortunately there are lots of excellent, caring vets.
        Everyone feels like running away from all the hustle and bustle, from people and stress, but not everyone is driven by greed. I think dog owners are generally a lovely bunch of people πŸ™‚


  3. I cook from scratch for my dogs, half of their diet is home cooked, half is high quality kibble. Makes me cook from scratch for myself too. We all eat healthier. Good post, you see so many people sharing their junk food with their pets, yikes!

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    1. Great to hear I’m not the only one! I’m a veggie (have been for well over 30 years) but I go to my local butcher every week to, apart from being laughed at, buy local, fresh, grass fed meat for the dogs πŸ™‚ I order less popular (but very nutritious) cuts so I feel I contribute in my own way to ‘head to tail’ eating. There are companies delivering free range meat (offal and bones as well). I use dry food from a less known company (eden pet food, but I think they only sell in the UK) simply because having compared many, both me and the dogs agreed it was the best one πŸ™‚ I really think a good diet is vital for a good life. For all species πŸ™‚

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