Ignorance is bliss…till it’s a bite.

The following is from my ongoing coursework for the ISCP’s Diploma in Canine Psychology. Q: What could you do to enable a dog to trust you? A: When approaching a fearful dog for the first time, if it’s in a room or kennel and you’re on the outside, keep your body language low and slow. […]

via How to win a dog’s trust — AlyZen Moonshadow

Thank you AlyZen Moonshadow

Ardbeg  (the loveliest and friendliest dog in the world) had lots of issues when I got him and it made me realise how much dogs DON’T WANT TO BITE. For him, it was a matter of life and death as his predictions of what was going to happen were based on his experience. But any dog will bite if there’s nothing else he can do.IMG_1056

Lily looks so sweet people laugh when she growls. I do my best to explain that if they ignore the warning signs she will stop sending them. She will simply bite. Fortunately, she’s making progress so fast it should never be an issue. But it would be so much easier if people had to be trained as well as dogs!

It’s enough to watch the dogs and listen to them, learn how to interpret the signs, respect their personal space. Respect them. They are not things or interactive toys. They feel and try to communicate their feelings, so if we refuse to listen we should accept the consequences.vans


7 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss…till it’s a bite.

      1. zebra finches are tiny birds: we have Pip who I found half starved fluttering his wings rather desperately and bumping into windows and walls near our house. And Poppy,the only animal we got from a pet shop as zebra finches need company. My neighbours, who generally laugh when I walk the dogs followed by the cats, nearly giggled themselves to death during my ‘Pip rescue action’. The snakes are:a corn snake Alex (he looks like me : I’m human Alex, he’s snake Alex) and kingsnake George – a rather grumpy gentleman, I must admit…


  1. Yes! I have a rescue dog who started out very timid and she bit someone that I warned not to go near her and yet she tried to kiss her face anyway….and then sued us…..why do people not understand this?


    1. sorry to hear about that 😦 it always makes me feel helpless when people expect dogs to be trained but they themselves think they can behave in a truly irresponsible manner…we don’t walk around grabbing strangers and expecting them to accept it, we are taught to respect people but not animals 😦

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