only the moment matters
Meditation- Ardbeg’s style.

What I love about Ardbeg is that he doesn’t dwell in the past. He’s let his wounds heal and that’s that. It’s the present that matters, life is now. It’s something that I try to remember when I work with my dogs. The reward must come immediately after the desirable behaviour or it’s pointless. But it also helps me appreciate the moments of happiness, capture the joy of life, enjoy being aware of my existence.

Lily – free to be herself.

When I walk my dogs I watch them to get to know them better, to understand why they are who they are, to change things that make them uncomfortable and to adapt myself to their unique characters. I see them using their senses to experience the world around them, I watch how they focus on tiny details, a blade of grass, a piece of bark, a stick, a leaf or an insect. I let them inhale the air and process the information it carries. And as I breathe deeply – unconsciously copying them- I can smell the cold, the hot, the wet, the dry, the distant memory of the sea, the hint of the Welsh forest, the particles of other people’s busy lives. And, like my dogs, I let the life be and I’m happy. I don’t regret, I don’t plan, I don’t fear.

Dogfulness is a state of mind where you experience the purest pleasure of being conscious you exist in the most beautiful moment. Now.


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