Lily & Ardbeg

Lily and Ardbeg are my dogs. My life revolves around them, I think about them, talk about them and write about them. They are rescue dogs, both with a bad past and a great future.

Ardbeg had been abused by his previous owners. He had been beaten and kicked, his tail is broken, he bears multiple scars, three of which have a special significance to me. He’s always been terrified by loud, banging noises, fireworks and thunder. It’s only recently that I’ve found out he has three air gun pellets in his little body. It’s made me understand his fears better and his three scars are a reminder he needs my care, my calmness and my compensation for all he’d suffered.


Lily spent the first year of her life in one room with other dogs. She didn’t know there was a world outside. She was then taken to an overcrowded shelter in southern Poland where she spent the next two years of her life cowering in the corner, shaking from fear.


Both my dogs are safe and very happy now. They have no behavioural problems, though they will always need some extra attention, there’s little room for mistakes for owners of dogs like them.

I have learnt a lot from them. Ardbeg has the biggest heart in the world, he loves people and all living creatures. He’s taught me that all the bad experience anyone might have had doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. Hate has no chance confronted with love.

Lily is the bravest little girl in the world. She’s shown me that new is scary only because it’s new. And that even if we just pretend to be brave at first, we become brave as a consequence.


93 thoughts on “Lily & Ardbeg

  1. This is awesome! My two pups are also rescues, and my kitty cat, my life would be only half without them! Cannot wait to introduce everyone here to them! Lily and Ardberg are beautiful! xxx

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  2. This is the most uplifting blog I have read,straight from the heart. I love your dogs,they are beautiful characters. I have to share their adventures as my daily treat….thank you for making me smile. You are a good role model

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