7 reasons to get a dog

  1. 11053327_10205174287131628_2065905665399270561_nDogs keep you fit.     They need daily walks, they like playing, chasing, jumping, exploring…
  2. Dogs keep you healthy.    Physically: because of the walks, because they might reduce the risk of allergies, they might even detect cancer! Mentally: because you have a sense of purpose, you’re loved and needed, they help you relax and have a soothing effect on shattered nerves.
  3. Dogs improve your social life. I’ve met my best friend while walking Ardbeg. Most of my friends are fellow dog owners, including a (now married) couple, who met walking their dogs. It’s impossible not to meet people when you have a dog!
  4. Dogs make you appreciate the world around you. Mainly because they take you out. But also because they are so much in love with it.
  5. Dogs teach you about yourself and other people. They are highly sociable and react to human emotions. It makes you think about your reactions to what happens to you, question your reasons, analyse your behaviour. Most dogs are also good judges of character, (though this is not based on any scientific data)
  6. Dogs make you a better person. Because you are responsible for someone else, someone who depends on you. Because they put things into perspective. They might make you drink less alcohol -as they reduce the need to be intoxicated and even if you end up in a pub after a walk it’s better than just spending all your time there.
  7. Dogs make you happy.  The walks, the play time, the funny things they do every day, the unconditional love- everything gives you a boost of endorphins or oxytocin. The scent of my dogs immediately makes me blissfully unaware of everything that is wrong with the world.

(Bonus)  3 reasons why you should get a rescue dog:

1.You feel a better person.

And it’s good to feel good.

2.They appreciate the home you gave them more.

Because they don’t take it for granted.

3.They give you the sense of achievement.

Because with a little love they change so much-and it feels great to be the reason behind this change!



19 thoughts on “7 reasons to get a dog

    1. Thank you! I remember when my husband went to fetch Lily from a Polish shelter and then drove with her for 26 hours just because he new I really, really wanted her I understood we were going to grow old together…surrounded by hordes of (semi-attractive) pets! Maybe your partner is waiting for the perfect one, to fall in love with 🙂


  1. Love this list! Any chance you would write a post on how to make dog friends? I’d love for Bailey to have furry pals, but she gets too excited and her behavior can be off-putting to other dogs.

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    1. Lily gets carried away when playing with other dogs, so we’re working on that, too (though now it happens with fewer, new dogs, she has friends who have set the boundaries and she’s totally different with them). I’ll post more soon, thank you for reading it 🙂


  2. very well said! Let me add that shelter dogs who are not adopted are most likely killed though they are healthy. it is important to have your dog castrated or spayed ..because there are too many dogs in shelters waiting for homes!
    Shelter dogs are better than pure bred dogs health wise and that is a fact many professional dog breeders would like hidden but despite careful breeding, it is just against nature to keep the gene pool ..shelter dogs are unique, unlike pure bred dogs who look like copies!

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    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment 🙂 Fortunately, there are no shelters here in the UK where a healthy dog would be put down, but a shelter life is miserable and dogs have no chance to have a normal existence there. And I couldn’t agree more with you on neutering! It’s the root of the problem, there are simply too many unwanted dogs (and cats). I do agree that selective breeding can be harmful, we tend to be rather short-sighted and don’t think about the consequences. If someone wants a puppy of their favourite breed, they should choose a responsible breeder (registered with the Kennel Club), never ever risk buying from a puppy farm!


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