A time to mourn

I couldn’t keep on writing so I had a break. It is my time to mourn, but my dogs are a part of my healing process and I can write again. My mum has died of cancer. She was diagnosed four months ago and watching her waste away was the hardest thing I have ever […]


As anyone who reads the blog knows I use fairly standard methods when I work with dogs. Classical and operant conditioning for learning (however you define learning), habituation (exposure till the dog gets used to object or situation), desensitisation (gradual, controlled exposure to the trigger-when the fear is learnt), counter-conditioning   (replacing the undesirable behaviour […]

Speaking in tongues

Not as a part of religious practice. To dogs. I wonder if other dog owners have their own, made up languages – words/phrases/sounds that they use when communicating with their dogs. I most certainly do. Hoping nobody would ever hear me (oi, yum, ta-dah, achoo, sheeoo-sheeoo, yaooh- and other utterances that I won’t risk spelling). […]

The killer in me

Lily was almost attacked by a seagull on our morning walk. Fortunately she hid behind me as I furiously waved my hands and distributed violent if pointless kicks into the air. I must have looked as if I had an epileptic fit, but as the only creature who could actually see us was the bloodthirsty, […]

Worth it

Our bond is getting stronger every day. I see more and more of ‘my dog’ in Brian. It’s a slow process and I have to remind myself not to rush. I watch him and try to make sure he decides how far we can go. There are still things that remain scary (the smell of […]

I’m so shallow

  Lily is going to be a model. For a charity calendar. You can’t even imagine how proud I am. It’s hard to believe she’s been here just two years, the changes in her are unbelievable. I actually never look at the first photo (above) as I don’t want to remember her being terrified and […]

Do nothing wisely

Refraining from reaction is as important as acting when it’s needed. It takes much more skill and self-control, though. Many trainers described it as the zen of dogs and it does make you feel like you’re more like a constant flow of water shaping the stone, not a hammer just breaking it. Nobody can make […]